Writers Surgery

Professional development for writers

Adventures in Fiction offers structured one-to-one sixty-minute consultations. This is an opportunity to discuss your novel with an experienced professional novelist.

The aim is to provide a framework, to identify what you are aiming for and to offer a strategy for moving forward. These sessions are especially useful for writers in the beginning stages of developing a novel and those preparing for submission and publication.

Marion Urch regularly works with literary agents and specializes in the production of an effective submission package, in particular, what makes a good synopsis. She covers commercial and literary fiction, including women’s fiction and psychological thrillers.

Writers Surgery is an excellent introduction to working with us. (We offer an 15% discount on appraisals and mentoring packages and £100.00 discount on Writers Toolkit and Apprenticeships booked within three months of your consultation.)   


We will look at your synopsis, first page* (and optional cover letter) in advance and prepare a framework document. The structured sixty-minute sessions are designed to identify and focus on key issues and to allow you to directly address any questions or dilemmas you may have. Topics may include genre, the essential elements of successful fiction, the quality of the writing and the best way to approach agents. The more prepared you are, the more you will benefit. At the end of the session, you take away the framework document as well as any notations on the document

(*Honing a first page is an excellent way of concentrating the mind and focusing on the best possible opening to your novel. Aim for first page perfection if you possibly can, though, in practice, we will accept up to 1,500 words.)


Writers Surgeries take place via Zoom, FaceTime or by phone.

(Tuesday morning one-to-ones at the British Library, Euston, London WC1, are not currently available.)

Payment Methods

Booking fee: £150.00*
*We can accept bookings by post or online.


We recommend that all writers present their work professionally from the outset. Synopsis: 12 pt. Aim for space and a half. First page: 12 pt. Double-spaced. Use standard margins. Include your name and contact information on both pages. Try to include the genre you are aiming for. (It is also a good idea to think about novels within the same category. You can include this information in your cover letter.) Include your copyright as follows: © Your Name 2013.

How to submit

Send us your first page and synopsis along with payment and a cover letter/email stating your general availability and any particular concerns you would like to focus on. We will get back to you with three time/date options. (Time slots are usually offered within a two-to-four week time frame from date of submission.) If we cannot agree dates (usually within a three month time frame) we will refund your fee.

Postal Bookings

Send your first page and your synopsis, along with a cover letter and a cheque for £150.00 made payable to Adventures in Fiction to:
Adventures In Fiction
14, Grosvenor Avenue
N5 2NR

Online Bookings

Step 1. Pay the booking fee of £150.00 here.

Step 2. Confirm payment here
Include confirmation (date of payment) with your cover email.
+ Attach your first page and synopsis (preferably as word documents.)

For any further queries contact us.

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your work with a knowledgeable, sympathetic and experienced novelist.

“I have written the first draft of a memoir and I wasn’t sure about my next step. Did it need further development? Might it be of interest to literary agents? What should I do next?

The session gave me an overview which will enable me to make a more informed decision about my next step.” 


“I have just completed my novel and I wanted to make sure my submission package was as strong as possible. Marion helped me see my work in context and to pitch it more sharply. The notes on the first page and synopsis were especially useful.” 

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