New Voices Competition

Deadline: 14th September 2021

Have you got a winning idea?

Have you recently embarked on writing a novel? Like some support in the early stages? There are many potential pitfalls for the first-time writer. We are offering a start-up package to the most promising synopsis and first page.

(This competition is aimed at writers who have completed at least 50 pages of their manuscript. Use the deadline to get those pages in shape!)

Winning prize:

A Start-Up mentoring package worth more than £750.00*

*A mini-masterclass covering everything you need to know about writing a novel. A Start-Up Mentoring package (covering up to 50 pages/16,000 words) includes a manuscript appraisal, guidelines, a development strategy, a consultation and an agreed deadline for a year later.

Previous Feedback 

It was extremely useful meeting with you! The direction of my novel has become so much clearer and I feel more confident about pressing ahead to completion of the first draft. Many thanks.

Entry Requirements

A one-page synopsis
The first page of your novel
Entry fee: £10.00*

*We can accept applications by post or online


Synopsis: 12 pt. Aim for space and a half
First page: 12 pt. Double-spaced
Include your name and contact information on both pages.

Postal Entries

Send your first page and your synopsis, along with a cheque for £10.00 made payable to Adventures in Fiction to:

Adventures In Fiction
14, Grosvenor Avenue
London, N5 2NR
(If you would like an acknowledgment, please include a stamped self-addressed postcard.)

Online Entries

Step 1. Sign up now. Pay the entry fee of £10.00 here.

Step 2. Email Us
Include confirmation (date of payment)
+ Attach your first page and synopsis (preferably as word documents.)

We will acknowledge receipt. (If you do not receive an acknowledgment do get in touch.)

This is an excellent opportunity to kick start your novel and gain some valuable input and support.

Best of luck!

Terms and Conditions 

The competition is open to aspiring novelists in all genres, regardless of location. (Adventures in Fiction has a broad national and international client base.)

  • This includes self published writers.
  • Novelists commercially published (in English) are not eligible.
  • Current and previous apprentices are not eligible.
  • Your competition entry will not be returned.
  • We respect your copyright. (For your peace of mind, we recommend that you add your copyright as follows: © Your Name 2012)
  • Submissions should be original works written in English.
  • We cannot enter into discussion about individual entries.
  • Our decision is final.
  • Applications without an entry fee will be inadmissible.
  • The entry fee applies to a single entry.
  • Multiple entries are eligible on a fee per entry basis.
  • We cannot be held responsible for entries lost in the post.
  • The winner should be prepared to submit their manuscript in hard copy (12pt, double-spaced, single side of the paper only) to Adventures in Fiction by the beginning of November.
  • Please bear in mind that the consultation is offered within a limited time frame. (Usually within two months from the date of submission of manuscript.) 


Travel by Night

Sophie Morton-Thomas


”I entered the New Voices competition as my first writing contest and got shortlisted, with a special mention in ‘particularly strong contenders.’ I was thrilled and this gave me the confidence to continue writing my book.”

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