Mentoring Packages

We offer two key packages. If you have recently embarked on writing a novel and would like some support in the early stages, Start-Up is the package for you. Stage-One is aimed at more experienced writers who have already completed a full draft. It offers an assessment of the novel within the context of publication and aims to set out the tools required in order to succeed.

Packages combine a written assessment with structured consultations, which may take the form of meetings, telephone conversations or Skype.


There are many potential pitfalls for the first-time writer and this programme is designed to ensure that you are on the right track. It offers a framework for completion of your first draft, as well as covering the technical and conceptual tools you will need to get to grips with.

It includes an appraisal of your synopsis and first three chapters, a follow-up consultation and an agreed plan of action including an estimated deadline for completion.

(Follow-up option: a full appraisal of your complete first draft.)

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People. Farahad Zama

“I met my new agent today! Exciting stuff – and you had a big hand in making it possible!”

Farahad came to us when he was first starting out. He has since gone on to great success. The Marriage Bureau for Rich People was published by Little Brown as part of a two-book deal and was a Richard And Judy Book of the Month. Farahad has since published four novels and been translated into eight languages.

Stage-One Mentoring Package

This is a three-part package, which includes a thorough appraisal of your manuscript, a strategy for moving forward and a follow-up meeting to conclude. The primary focus is on core issues such as genre, main character and premise, which we follow up with a more practical, example-led look at technical skills and various aspects of narrative construction.

Package includes a full appraisal, an initial consultation with recommendations for planning and preparation and a second follow-up consultation 4-6 weeks later.

(Follow-up option: partial appraisal of the redraft.)

For a full account of the Stage-One mentoring process

read Spotlight Profile.

Exiled. Shireen Jilla

 “…The obvious often isn’t until someone perceptive and experienced points it out. Novel writing is no longer such a lonesome business, where your only partner is caffeine. Adventures in Fiction dissects your work dispassionately, providing concrete criticism. Unlike your eager friends, they know how to fix it, sorting out your plot, structure and characters. They teach you the principles, then you can decide to break them.”

One of our first clients, Shireen has since published two novels with Quartet and Bloomsbury.


Writers come to us at various stages in their development.
The feedback offered here is designed to show a glimpse of the range and variety of responses.

“Marion Urch’s mentoring has proved invaluable. Her critiques were clear, perceptive, detailed and carefully set out. She homed in initially on the main flaws, suggesting a short reading list showing how other authors had solved similar problems in their novels. From there, she set out a clear plan with deadlines to take my re-writing forward in a structured way. Throughout I felt she was genuinely interested in my work, patiently debating points when I put up opposition, showing great attention to detail and encouraging at every stage”.  Marilyn Donovan
“The mentoring programme was structured, organised, and professional. I learned a lot about the process of writing a novel. The appraisals were particularly thorough and contained lots of practical advice.”  Mel Griffiths
“I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciated the Stage One mentoring package. The critique was superb – it set out clearly what I needed to be aiming for – and the linked sessions really helped to clarify and expand upon the points made in writing. I am so pleased that I went with this particular package; it was exactly what I needed.”  Gabriel Franklin
“Your detailed feedback and comments helped me develop my writing skills immensely. Working on a one to one basis with Adventures in Fiction was far better value than taking on a Masters to learn the craft of writing fiction.”  Veronica Lysaght
Read more at Spotlight Profiles


Start-up package


Includes an assessment of the first three chapters (30-50 pages), focusing on strong points and structural options; detailed guidelines and recommendations; linked notations on the manuscript; a follow-up consultation, and an agreed plan of action.


Stage-One package

£850.00 (complete manuscript)

Includes a full appraisal with one-hour structured consultation with recommendations for planning and preparation & a second follow-up one-hour consultation.
Complete manuscript: £850.00

Note: Figures based on average length novel of up to 112,000 words = up to 350 pages. Up to three chapters = 16,000 words, 30-50 pages. Quotes for fiction for children and young people available on request.

+ Print out costs: 10p a page (up to £30.00)

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