2020 Spotlight First Novel Competition Results

After some tough deliberations we are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s competition is Wendy Riley with Ridgeback Road.  

Other strong contenders were: Amy Pepper Blue Ash and Green Blood. Lianne Dillsworth The Sun Sets in the East.  Jack Jenkins Catwalk Through Bedlam. Laura Martz The Girls Guide to Hitchhiking. Dawn Hart Strength in Petticoats. 

An honourable mention to Emma Hughes for her novel Perfect Complex which has been snapped up by Century and is due for publication in 2021. 

Thank you all for making our decision so difficult!

Wendy Riley has won a Stage One mentoring package and transitional support. We will be profiling her and her novel later in the year.

How do profiles work? See what other writers had to say: https://adventuresinfiction.co.uk/profiles/

For further information about Stage One Mentoring: https://adventuresinfiction.co.uk/mentoring-packages/

For further information about the competition: https://adventuresinfiction.co.uk/spotlight-first-novel-competition/

Spotlight First Novel Competition is our way of celebrating and encouraging new writers 

Next deadline: 14th February 2021.

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