Spotlight First Novel Award is designed to celebrate and support writers at a new transitional stage. We are pleased to be able to offer feedback to all entrants at a discounted rate.   

Last year’s winner Katherine Peel: “Thank you so much for all of your help and input, both with the book and the premise. Your patience and guidance has been invaluable, and I really appreciate it.” 

Offer closes: 20th May 2022 

Spotlight Appraisal

A detailed assessment of your first 30 pages/10,000 words covering every aspect of narrative development. Designed to ensure you have laid the groundwork for your novel and can proceed with confidence. (5 pages/1,600 words.) Read more

“All of your feedback has been really helpful from storyline to editing and has given me loads to think about in shaping my story. I needed a professional perspective and yours has been extremely useful.”    Graham S. McKean 

Summary Feedback

Considered, contextual editorial input on your first page & synopsis with useful pointers for you to think about. (Usual format: two page report & annotations on pages.)

“Thank you for sharing your professional insight with me. The summary assessment and feedback comments inserted in the body of the synopsis and first page were enormously helpful.”  Lina Alyas


Spotlight Appraisal: £175.00  

Summary Feedback: £55.00    


Contact us with your name & the title of your ms and we will send payment details. 

Spotlight Appraisal. Send us your pages in a word document as an attachment.

Summary Feedback. We already have your pages.

(Terms & conditions apply. Offers open to Competition entrants for a limited period only.)

Our Approach  

“It really helped me to step back and take the time needed to consider how best to fulfill the potential of the material.  I am now embarking on a re-write, which has been energized by your intervention.” 

   The Other Mrs Walker. Mary Paulson-Ellis. 2016. (Pan-MacMillan)  


  Spotlight First Novel Award nurturing writers at a key stage





































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