We are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s competition: The Body Con by  Kathryn Ensall is a coming of age story set in the shadows of the Pennines. 

Other particularly strong contenders were: It Can’t See You in the Dark by Feroze Engineer, After Dianne Bown-Wilson, The Last Pig on the Planet Slawa Rusin, Morgana Helen Mingella and The Mirror Above my Bed Ramune Luminaire.   

New Voices is our way of encouraging writers just starting out. There were so many promising ideas, themes, characters and scenarios it was almost impossible to make a choice. Thank you all for making our final decision so difficult!

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New Voices 2021 deadline: 14th September 2021

New Voices: further information


Previous Winners

2019         PurpleBlack. Gibril Kerefah. (West African Fantasy.)

2018         The Town. Tim Cooke. (Literary fiction.)  

2017         Worthless Little Punks. Jacqui Seddon. (YA)



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