Like some feedback on your pages? We have two special offers available for a limited period. 

Closing date: 15th April 2020 

A Start-Up Appraisal

 (Available to writers who were shortlisted.)

An assessment of your first 30 pages/10,000 words. Designed to ensure you have laid the groundwork for your novel and can proceed with confidence. Read more

Summary Feedback

(Available to all applicants.)

Considered, contextual editorial input on your first page & synopsis with useful pointers for you to think about. (Usual format: two page report & annotations on pages.)


Start-Up Appraisal: £195.00 (A saving of £30.00.) 

Summary Feedback: £55.00 (We already have your pages.)


Contact us with your name & the title of your ms and we will send payment details. 

Start-Up. Send us your pages in a word document as an attachment.

Summary. We already have yours.

Usual terms & conditions apply. Offers open to Spotlight applicants only.

Our Approach  

“It really helped me to step back and take the time needed to consider how best to fulfill the potential of the material.  I am now embarking on a re-write, which has been energized by your intervention.” 

The Other Mrs Walker. Mary Paulson-Ellis. 2016. (Pan-MacMillan)  




















The Other Mrs Walker. Mary Paulson-Ellis. 2016. (Pan-MacMillan)  















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