Like some feedback on your pages? We have two special offers available for a limited period only. 

Spotlight Summary Feedback. Considered, contextual editorial input on your first page & synopsis with useful pointers for you to think about. £55.00.

Spotlight Appraisal. An assessment of your first 50 pages/16,000 words. Designed to ensure you have laid the groundwork for your novel and can proceed with confidence.

Available to 19thApril 2019.


Summary Feedback: £55.00 (We already have your pages.)

Spotlight Appraisal: £150.00 (inc print out costs)

For more information (inc. payment method etc.) contact us.

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 “All I can say is … wow! What a clear insight you’ve gained into my novel and how incisive are your comments.”  Julian Desser



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